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We March: Life in a Bubble

1. Life in a Bubble
2. Barnstorm
3. Electrode For Pleasure
4. I Hate My Job
6. The Nose
7. Hibernation
8. Lie Lay
9. Hey Jules
10. Gunfight

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We March - Life In A Bubble.zip 42MB


WE MARCH Life In A Bubble was recorded in 2000-2001 at the historic Ballsnare Studios in Athens OH. Contributing members are Sidson Campus, Continuous D Etc, Ryan Stotts & Matt Hutchison. A finer example of the pent up pandemonium hidden in the southeast hills there is not. Athens Ohio Punk Rock.


1. Electric Light
2. My DNA Is All Over The Place
3. Aleatoric En Non Melisma
4. Doxy By The Tail
5. Cover It All
6. Lead Paint
7. What Is This Man?
8. Snow Monster

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B. Swinski - DOXY.zip 59MB


DOXY is a collection of rock recordings composed (made up) and performed by Brad Swiniarski during the winter of 2012/13'. Recorded in virtual reality at Barclay Square/Nonexistent studios.

B. SWINSKI: Krakow Pol

1. Poison Out
2. Blackedout Pole
3. What About My Baby
4. Waiting For The Voices
5. Krakow Shuffle
6. Penny Crusade
7. New Low
8. Dirty Water
9. Echoplex

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B. Swinski - Krakow Pol.zip 76MB


Krakow Pol is a collection of songs for a band that never happpened. Performed and recorded by Brad Swiniarski with assistance from Steve Vehar and Phil Stalter.


1. Heart Heart Heart
2. Primitive
3. What Went Wrong
4. Charlize Theron
5. Rob Wheeler
6. Record Holders In The Bloodpurge
7. I'm On
8. Consider Yourself A Hero
9. R. Loxley
10. (t.p.) Massacre
11. All They Hide

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The Means- Vil/Viol.zip 37MB


VIL/VIOL is the Means first record which was originally released on the DPG label in 2002. Jason Frederick on voice and guitar, Emily Allen on bass, David Wayne Allen on guitar and Brad Swiniarski on drums. Special guests Justin Crooks, Devin Davis, Evelyn Westin and Kris Poulin. Recorded by Kris Poulin at Acme Chicago June 2001.

GERALDINE:Pure Bastard Rock

1. When The Rooster Crowes
2. Come On Down
3. Feeling At Home
4. Worried Blues
5. B-Team
6. Bogged Down In America
7. Scene For The Making
8. Shoulda Known
9. Gone And Left
10. Last Dime To The Table
11. Save Your Soul
12. Hooks

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Geraldine - Pure Bastard Rock.zip 43MB


From Athens Ohio... GERALDINE!!! Matt Harvey on harp and voice. Scott Winlamd on bass and voice. Chris Burget on guitar and Maceo Gabbard on drums. Originally released in 2001 on Orange Recordings. Pure Bastard Rock.

GRAFTON:Jumpstart Wire

1. Never Had Less
2. Run My Mouth
3. Gave You Up
4. We've Got Nothing Left
5. I Say Try
6. Not The Kind Of Color
7. Grand Horizontal
8. Only The Finest For The Bottomfeeders
9. Meet Their Ancesters
10. Now We Stand In The Broken Pines
11. Hand Me My Gun

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Grafton - Jumpstart Wire.zip 54MB


This is the final Grafton record which never had an official release. After many grinding years of touring and personnel changes the band dissolved. Somewhere in Columbus Ohio there are boxes and boxes of this record on CD gathering dust. Thanks to Lou Poster for allowing us to include it on our site.


1. Gravity's Heart
2. Hello Kitty
3. Campaign Trail
4. Forgotten Son
5. Wait, Wait
6. Sand & Fingers
7. Bored
8. Jailer
9. Home
10. M.C.L.
11. Papercut
12. One Day After

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Bush League Allstars - Cedar Knees.zip 54MB


Bush League All-Stars was formed by Dan Spurgeon in 1994 from the ashes of anthem-rock grapplers, Greenhorn. The All-Stars signed to Pop Narcotic records of Boston who released their odds-n-sods effort, “Old Numbers” recorded by Robt. Weston (Shellac) Dan has revived the band with numerous lineup changes over the years (this version being v4.1) and this one lives up to the All-Stars moniker: George Hondroulis (Jack Neat, Earwig, The Evil Queens), Jacob Sundermeyer (Evil Queens, Killionaires, Bozniaks), Jess Faller (Chris McCoy & the Gospel, Tiara, Celebrity Pilots) and Kevin Happell (Pet UFO, Tarantula). The band released its full-length titled, "Cedar Knees" in 2009 on Horny Records, a collection of songs one writer penned as a marriage between Randy Newman and Queens of the Stone Age.

VESPIN: Model Citizen

1. Master Blaster
2. Model Citizen
3. Conspicuous Consumption
4. Cheney's Got the Gout
5. Ascension Day
6. Get Em' Young
7. Rachel
8. 400 Hessian Prisoners
9. Looks And Chops
10. The Bottom Is Always Free

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Vespin - Model Citizen.zip 34MB


Vespin features Brad Swiniarski (Bob City, The Means, Bigfoot) on guitar and vocals. The band is rounded out by Phil Stalter on guitar, Steve Vehar (Good Company) on bass, and Ben Kemp (The Honey's & Templeton) on drums. The band released their first record "Model Citizen" in 2009 on the Horny label.

BIGFOOT:Dark Old Days

1. Hey Nadine
2. Ivory
3. Buckshot Ransom Matinee
4. Rory's Story
5. Fucked In The Head
6. Mara Mclaine
7. New Little Beggar
8. A Total Au Go-Go
9. Dark Old Days
10. Heaven Is Now
11. None Too Bright
12. Dennison Avenue
13. Marrying Day
14. West End Blues

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Bigfoot- Dark Old Days.zip 43MB


This is the second full length collection from Bigfoot originally released in 1999 on the Derailleur label. The record features David Holm on voice, guitar, organ and percussion, Melanie Bleveans on bass and voice, Bill Clark on guitar, pedal steel and voice, Jeff Wood on electric piano and voice, and Brad Swiniarski on drums, piano, guitar and voice. It was recorded by William Heingartner.

THE SOVINES:Stupefyin' Jones

1. No Kinda Man
2. Help Me, Roger
3. Where To Put My Hands
4. This Day In History
5. Rio
6. The Life Of Your Party
7. Mary Ann Macleod
8. Mr. Friday Night (Is Mr. Wednesday Night Now)
9. Crackin' Up
10. Sinner
11. My Daddy Was A Handsome Man
12. (Let Me) Go On
13. What Was Wrong
14. Two Six Packs Away From A Six Pack To Go

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The Sovines- Stupefyin' Jones.zip 43MB


The Sovines are Bob Starker on voice, guitar and sax, Matt Benz on guitar, mandolin and voice, Ed Mann on bass, acoustic guitar and voice, and Gene Brodeur on drums. Stuefyin' Jones was recorded at the Rubber Room, Columbus OH and was originally issued on the Oahu Records label in 2002.

OWL: : Lifted

1. Lifted
2. A Nest
3. Hollywood Girlfriend in New York City
4. Back in Line
5. Metal Heart

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Owl - Lifted.zip 21MB


OWL is the solo recordings of one Jeff Clowdus. Jeff is best known as the drummer of Ugly Stick, central ohio's seminal "Cow Punk" institution. Jeff has also played guitar with Bigfoot and currently appears with Columbus Ohio's awesomely horrible classic rock cover band Good Company. LIFTED features Jeff Clowdus on all instruments and vocals.



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Dumb Angel.zip 26MB

Dumb Angel is the alias of Bradleah Caulkins who currently lives and plays music in Los Angeles CA. While living in Ohio he played in many bands including Monster Zero, The Jive Turkeys, Heiffer, & The Sun among others. He recorded this collection in the now infamous Tropicana apartments in Columbus OH using a 1/4 inch reel to reel 4 track machine. He plays all of the instruments and performs all of the vocals himself. Before departing for CA he performed material from the record live with his reel to reel machine providing backing tracks. His current CA projects include Jail Weddings, Fool's Gold, John Webster Johns, & the Flash Express.

SPIVEYS: By Caeserian

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Spiveys By Caeserian.zip 39MB

The Spiveys were a rock band started in Athens Ohio by Jason Frederick (Ribs, Love Story In Blood Red) & Eric Balaban (Beautiful Mothers, The Second Academy). By Caesarian is the band's first full length self released LP originally only available on vinyl. This particular incarnation of The Spiveys features Scott Winland (Geraldine, The Drop Dead Sons, Blackout Booking) and Brandon Robinson (We March, Geraldine) on bass and drums respectively.

BOB CITY: Bob City

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Bob City zip 30MB




Bob City is a loud ass rock band who peaked in the late 90's early 00's. Originally fronted by vocalist Jeremy Hoar they almost managed to release a record now known as HARD BALL(portions of which can be heard here). Jeremy moved to Brooklyn where he now sings in COBRETTI. Enter Justin Tesa who's vocal style helped move the band from sludge metal to scream rock. The band's self titled record featuring Tesa on lead vocals was released in 2000 on CD by the now defunct Derailleur records and on vinyl by Horny. The core lineup of Pat Murphy on guitar (now with Night Family), Joachim Kearns (Tigers and Monkeys, Harbor Lights & BKO), Brad Swiniarski and Donovan Roth (The Whiteouts & Smashy Smashy) travelled in support of the record with the likes of The Spiveys, Mitch Mitchell's Terrifying Experience, & Nashville Pussy before dissolving in 2001. Dave Allen (Bloody Matt Dillons & The Means) and Ben Kemp (Vespin, The Honey's & Templeton) were brought in to keep the project alive but it was not meant to be. The core band of Murphy, Kearns, Swiniarski and Roth still occasionally perform one off shows featuring both vocalists.

B. Swinski: Demos & Misc.

1. Copperhead
2. Chemical Reaction
3. Tell Me What You Won't
4. Chi Chi Jima
5. Mystery Spot
6. Columbian Necktie
7. Suffer
8. Cannonball Run Fun
9. Martyr
10. Evil
11. I Like Your Style
12. Bob E. Lee
13. Chemical Memory
14. Animal Heart
15. Now We Get Fat
16. American Heavy Metal Weekend
17. Faker
18. We're Winning The War
19. Terrible Trouble
20. Death Walks Behind You

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B. Swinski- Demos & Misc.zip 116MB


This is a collection of demos, covers, and experiments recorded between 2005 and 2010. Guests include Ben Kemp, Steve Vehar, Phil Stalter, Jacob Sundermeyer, Emily Allen and David Wayne Allen.

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